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Nationwide Document Delivery Services

NDDS is a fee-based service which allows you to request articles and/or books from other libraries via the NDDS online system. It is available to current FCU students, faculty and staff. Registration is required for first-time users. NDDS is only for items which cannot be located in the FCU Library. Please check FCU WebOPAC before submitting your request.

How to Apply

All requests are processed online via the NDDS System. Advance registration is required if you are a first-time user. You will receive an e-mail notifying you of your eligibility to use this service within two (2) working days. Make sure that the e-mail address that you submit is correct and valid to receive information about your request in a timely manner.

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Delivery Methods, Time & Fees

Delivery Methods

Surface mail or express delivery, fax and Ariel* are available for your option on the online request form. Ariel documents will be printed out instead of sent by electronic format.

* Ariel is the name of the Electronic Document Delivery software used by some libraries to deliver articles via e-mail.


Allow 3 to 7 working days to receive your document. The amount of time depends on method of delivery, accuracy of the information supplied on the request form, and the volume of requests processed by the lending library. International requests can take 7 to 14 working days.

Loan periods depend on the policies of the lending library.


Fees for requested documents depend on the policies of the lending library. Normally, fees for articles will include photocopying, postage and processing. Average cost per borrowed book is NT$100.

Documents will be received within two (2) working days if the requested article is less than 30 pages, and from Tunghai University Library, Providence University Library, National Chung Hsing University Library , China Medical University Hospital, or Chung Shan Medical University. The cost is NT$ 2 per page.

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Notification and Where to Pick Up

All requested documents will be sent to the FCU Library. You will be notified when the document is ready for pick up, as well as the cost of the document by e-mail.  Please pick up your document at the Reference Desk of the Library (1st floor).

* Note: Books should be returned to the FCU Library Reference Desk two (2) days prior to the due date to arrive at the lending library on time. Fines will be charged if the item is overdue. There is no renewal service for interlibrary loan items.

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Some titles may not be available for interlibrary loan, depending on the policies of the lending libraries.


Article requests must comply with copyright regulations.

Theses & Dissertations

Theses are not loaned by some libraries. Request for photocopies is acceptable for no more than one-third of the entire document, unless the author has authorized re-use for academic purposes.

Reference books and audio-visual materials are not available for interlibrary loan.

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Forget Your Password? & Managing Your Personal Information

Click on Forget Your Password on the NDDS Website if you cannot remember your password.

The NDDS Website also allows you to manage your personal information, such as changing your password, and to check the status of your request.

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Last updated : December 12, 2014 - 6:38am