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FCU Library Text Messaging Service


The FCU Library Text Messaging Service was launched on March 1, 2011, to remind FCU faculty, staff and students of pending due dates to encourage the timely return of borrowed items. Library notices will continue to be sent by e-mail in addition to text messages. If you would like to make use of this service, please register by completing the NID username, NID password and cell phone number fields.


All current FCU faculty, staff and students.

Service Items:

Notice of pending due dates for borrowed items.

Points to Note:

FCU Library text messages are a reminder only. It is your responsibility to return borrowed items on time to avoid overdue fines or other penalties.

Time Period:

  • This service will come into effect three days after registration procedures are completed.
  • Text message delivery time: 12:30.

For more information, call (04) 24517250 ext. 2682 or email: library@fcu.edu.tw

Register your cell phone number

逢甲大學 NID 網路帳號識別標誌圖示
  • This service requires log in with NID username and password. If you have not yet enabled your NID, please go to "Enable your NID". If you have forgotten your NID password, please go to "NID forgot your password".
  • Only one cell phone number may be registered per person. If you have already registered for the FCU Library Text Messaging Service but have changed your cell phone number, click on “modification” and enter your new cell phone number. The new cell phone number will replace the previously registered cell phone number.
  • Cancelling your cell phone number will result in termination of the FCU Library text messaging service.